Chicken Devil #1 Rob Csiki Variant

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GRADE: 9.2+
Print run 400 [100 held back for damages, promotions, etc]
  • Mitchell Moss is about as regular as it gets. He's married with two children, and co-owns a successful chain of Memphis Hot Chicken restaurants. It's not the life that screams hero/vigilante...until he discovers that his business partner is in bed with the mob and owes them $2 million. Unfortunately, Mitch is ill-equipped to be a badass-he's just a guy who makes really good chicken.
  • Can he protect his family from cold-blooded gangsters? Absolutely not.But maybe the CHICKEN DEVIL can...Writer Brian Buccellato (, , ) and artist Hayden Sherman (, ) serve up a darkly comedic crime drama that's juicy, tender and finger-lickin' hilarious.